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So, letting people be who they want to be is a good thing. That’s shocking I tell you, just shocking. All I want to know is, how much time and money went into this research when you could’ve just asked trans folks how they felt for free

okay, A: they did ask. they did listen. like… I don’t wanna exaggerate here but “asking trans kids how they feel” is literally the entire study:

“children (9–14 years old) and their parents completed measurements of depression and anxiety (n = 63 transgender children, n = 63 controls, n = 38 siblings). Children (6–14 years old; n = 116 transgender children, n = 122 controls, n = 72 siblings) also reported on their self-worth”

and B: this isn’t the kind of study researchers do because “oh gosh we just aren’t really sure yet, we really just don’t know”, they do it because cis people have been sitting on their asses for decades ignoring anything that’s not an Official Scientific Study, so they said “okay fuck you, here’s the study, you’re wrong, now do something helpful or shut the hell up”

#Thank you #I’m super over this smug ‘yeah we knew that’ response to studies #I mean I get the impulse to go ’…yes and water is wet thanks captain obvious’ #But the thing is that you *need* this kind of hard data in order to act on it #Which is actually a good thing #BC ‘we don’t need no stinkin science’ policies based on ‘we just Know This ok don’t ask for our data just shut up and do it’ #Is how you get anti choice laws based in pseudoscience and religious belief #And climate change not being addressed in law and policy #Besides. Just think how satisfying it is to throw hard data in some asshole’s face to counter their claims.

Scientist: Treating trans people like people is the way to make them happy.
Cis Person: Yeah but…………how do we KNOW?
Scientist: *sighs* can I have a grant to study it?
Cis Person: Sure.
Scientist: Hey, Trans Person, would you be happier if people treated you like people?
Trans Person: Of course.

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